I am an artist and art educator. I work primarily with printmaking techniques, paint, and fibers in the hope of transforming ideas and beliefs into visual vignettes. I hold a Master of Science degree in Art Education from the College of St. Rose and a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Arts from Nazareth College in Rochester. I am the recipient of a Surdna Foundation Fellowship and have studied art at Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina I’ve taught and created art for the past forty years in both private and public school and most recently in the International Baccalaureate High School school in Schenectady. I’ve also curated the Schenectady City School Districts Butzel Art Gallery and I am presently co-director of the Oakroom Artists.

Over the past thirty years I’ve presented workshops in composition, fibers, collage and printmaking for both adults and young people. While teaching in private school, I facilitated award-winning Olympics of the Visual Arts teams. As an International Baccalaureate fine arts high school teacher, I worked with students who went on to the best art schools in the nation and received college credit for their high school IB art classes. My own work has been shown in and around the Northeast for the past thirty-five years. I presently use photo etching and photo screen-printing processes to create mixed media works which incorporate fabrics and a variety of fibers into pieces which deal with the theme of impermanence.

Much of my present work is created through the process of screen-printing with non-toxic inks and emulsions. I screen many layers, one on top of one another to create a relief on the paper. I then excavate into the layers through sanding and lifting ink with non-toxic solutions. I go back into each print with oil paint and cold wax medium. Some of the work starts as an intaglio print only to be painted, torn, sewn and restructured. Though I’m exploring printmaking, my work draws from the quilt maker’s process of fragmenting, layering and restructuring, a process, which mirrors life. I feel that we constantly look to structure our lives and the natural world surrounding us to create safety and permanence within an ever-fluctuating universe. My work reflects this notion and is inspired by what I see and sense from the gardens we grow to the walls and lives we construct.

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