DSC04996I give workshops that stress good composition using a variety of image making techniques. I work in schools, at conferences, in the workplace, community centers and anyplace where students can gather to create. In all of my workshops students will leave with a piece of finished artwork ready to frame and the tools they need to create strong compositions in the future.

Groups can choose to work with fabrics or with paint and printmaking techniques to create finished collages that work with line, shape, form, value, light and texture. I help students to understand the importance of using balance, movement, emphasis, unity and repetition in creating powerful works.

I also give team-building workshops using art and design as a focus. Groups will interact with one another as they create a pallet of materials to share in designing their own work and collaborative pieces.

Full Day workshops for up to 15 students is $500 per 6 hour session
Materials fee per student is $25

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Photos from fiber collage workshop for adults:


Photos from painted signs public art project with students at Schenectady High School’s John Sayles School of Fine Arts:

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